Our company

WisePawz™ is an enrichment toys company dedicated to enhancing your dog's life. We give back 10% of our profits to dog rescue organizations.

WisePawz story started with a Californian family adopting a puppy rescued in Tijuana, Mexico. Enrichment toys quickly became Merlot’s favorite but his parents realized that the available options were limited. WisePawz was born to make those two worlds collide – the fun of toys, the joy of giving back to dogs in need.

WisePawz Mission

Based in Santa Monica, California, WisePawz believes enrichment can benefit any dog and is not limited to playtime. Our blog is commited to decoding the dog’s mind and needs, an essential step towards happier companions.

High five between a dog and a woman

At WisePawz we believe enrichment, the action of enhancing the quality of something, applies to all areas in a dog’s life: training, nutrition, health, and play time, to name a few. For example, there is a logical reason for separation anxiety or destructive behaviors, and a compassionate way to improve it. Boredom can easily be fixed with the right type of activities.

Understanting a dog’s mind is essential to build a better relationship and the first step towards a solution. WisePawz mission is to give our readers the keys to build a stronger bond with their furry friends. You will find our articles in our blog section. We will also be offering our own enrichment toys in the summer of 2021.

Our Team

Dogs are in charge in our small family business.


Chief Canine Officer

Spark, WisePawz ambassador, represents enrichment in all shapes and forms.  He is a little bit brainy and might have read one too many books on training, nutrition, psychology and anxiety behaviors solving. He is joining our team to spread the word on the benefits of enrichment, and will be running the brand’s Instagram account.

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Head of PupLick Relations

Merlot’s birth mom was rescued in Mexico and brought to California by an amazing animal rescue organisation, Road Dogs. Merlot was born in Laguna Beach, CA, in August 2020 and is now living his best life near Los Angeles. He gets extra excited when his mom lets him play with a puzzle or a snuffle mat. He is the inspiration behind our donations made to animal rescues.

woman on computer

Merlot's Mom

Barketing Manager, Founder

Merlot’s mom is passionate about enrichment toys that keep her fur son entertained, curious and engaged. She is launching WisePawz under Merlot’s close supervision from their home in Santa Monica, California. Born and raised in France, she is the writer behind Wisepawz Blog. English is her second language and we will be eternally grateful for any typo you can report.

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