Planning a trip with a dog needs a good amount of preparation. Is this hotel dog friendly? Where can I find a dog-sitter? Does this beach allow dogs? There are  apps for that.

Bring Fido 
Available: IOS

BringFido connects millions of pet owners around the globe with more than 250,000 pet friendly places. Users can seamlessly compare and book thousands of pet friendly hotels and vacation rentals directly on the app, all with no booking fees. And planning an epic dog-friendly road trip is a breeze using BringFido’s database of pup-approved restaurants, dog parks, hiking trails and shopping destinations.

Bark Happy
Available: IOS and Android

This app helps you find dog-friendly parks, restaurants, and lodging, to name a few. It is location based so you can just browse the best places around you. You can also get social and find events and playdates in your area.


Available: IOS and Android

This is a network of 40 000 dog friendly parks and businesses worldwide. You can even schedule playdate with dogs in the area you are visiting, find recommendations for a vet, a groomer, a dog walker or a dog sitter. You can search what the dog-friendly businesses are and in which park you can take your dog off leash. You can even create your own dog-related event and promote it through the app.

Available: IOS and Android

This very unique app connects dog owners with individuals who host safe off-leash private dog parks. Anyone can turn their yard or land into a doggy play field in a safe environment and rent it to dog parents for a small fee. We tried it in the Los Angeles area and the rate was from $4 to $20 per hour and per dog, depending on the quality of the land. Most were under $10.

Pet First Aid

Available: IOS and Android

Made by the American Red Cross, this app helps you with medical emergencies on the go. We would strongly recommend it to any pet owner at home too. With sections like “What is normal”, “Allergic reactions”, “Bleeding”, “Poisoning”, “Breathing problems”, “Burns”, “Choking” or “CPR”, and so many more, you will find answers for any type of crisis. Some sections even have videos to demonstrate how to give dogs the best care. This is not a substitute for talking to a vet and seeking help as soon as possible after an incident, but it can help when every second counts.

Yelp and Tripadvisor
Available: IOS and Android

Those apps meant for humans offer a “dog friendly” option that you can check in your settings to filter restaurants, hotels, beaches, parks etc. With hundreds of millions of reviews on both apps, this is the most extensive “dog friendly” search you can get.



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